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Finding real, edible solutions to health isn't just a slogan! F.R.E.S.H Nutrition believes wholeheartedly in the ability to transform health by simply changing the foods we eat.  While others may encourage you to keep cutting back on calories (despite not seeing results), stock up on low-fat, "diet" products, or persuade you that you need to fit into a category on a weight chart that doesn't meet your own personal goals or health needs, F.R.E.S.H focuses on dietary quality and achieving an overall feeling of peace and contentment with your health-related quality of life.

Working with the client to develop individualized goals tailored to improving health outcomes such as blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, symptoms of migraines and gastrointestinal problems, infertility, etc, with targeted interventions is what F.R.E.S.H does best.

Services Offered

What’s Available


F.R.E.S.H Nutrition PLLC offers services for individuals, groups, community agencies, and corporations big and small.  Take a look at some of the services we offer, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Wellness Counseling

Nutrition counseling in the comfort of your home (or anyone else you feel comfortable)! Each individualized session addresses the uniqueness of your own special path to health. At the completion of your session with a F.R.E.S.H dietitian, you will have a thorough idea of your daily nutritional needs, a customized list of health priorities for you, knowledge of how to take control of your health through specified changes to your cooking and eating routine, recommendations for supplementation, and an overall sense of peace that you're on your way to a healthier you!

Live Cooking Demo

Struggling in the kitchen? Need new, F.R.E.S.H ideas? From beginner to experienced F.R.E.S.H's individual and group cooking demos will get you back in the kitchen feeling motivated to embark on, or ready to enhance your journey to health! Extremely convenient, F.R.E.S.H comes to you! Each in-house cooking demo comes with an evaluation of your pantry and refrigerator, with recommendations for healthier options. 

Retail Therapy

Do you feel overwhelmed by the many, many choices that surround you every time you go grocery shopping? Are you the person who stands in the aisle trying to read the food labels and still aren't sure what you purchased is the best option? F.R.E.S.H can help! A F.R.E.S.H dietitian can meet you at the grocery store of your choice and help guide to healthy selections.  During the shopping experience you will learn how to read labels, spot undesirable food additives, pick the best produce, and get the most bang for you buck!  Plus, you'll see that eating healthy doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Have fear that even stepping foot in a grocery store will lead to temptation beyond control? No worries! F.R.E.S.H is willing to do the shopping for you! Just give an idea of your budget and your dietitian will pick out healthy items fit for a great meal, and deliver them straight to your door!

Additional Services

F.R.E.S.H is available for community and corporate speaking engagements, as well as collaborative branding.  We love giving talks on a variety of nutrition-related topics, and can wow your audience with an interactive session sure to leave everyone a little more knowledgable.  If you have a brand that delivers organic, nourishing food products, you can count on us for our endorsement and fun recipe development!  


The F.R.E.S.H Nutrition PLLC Story

Have you ever felt confused and frustrated by all of the different nutrition messages you hear? One day a particular food is deemed a superfood, the next it's said to cause cancer. Well... I was just as frustrated for you! Unfortunately, much of the nutrition messages out there are skewed by medical, pharmaceutical, and political motivations that don't always equate to recommendations that will enhance your health. 


I wanted a space where evidence-based nutrition information could be shared, as well as time-honored nutritional practices, uncensored by mainstream medicine. A place where a back to the basics approach could take root! And with that,  F.R.E.S.H Nutrition PLLC was born!  Helping you weed through the mass of contradictory information out there, and providing comprehensive nutrition services that support and foster the health and wellbeing of our customers, F.R.E.S.H Nutrition PLLC offers a variety of nutrition services to get you back feeling confident, empowered, and ready to take charge of own health. 


I love working with clients from all walks of life who share the common goal of feeding one's mind, body, and soul to improve total health. Whether you are interested in learning how to prepare more nourishing foods or regain a healthier life that you once had,  F.R.E.S.H Nutrition PLLC provides the resources to do so in a warm and non-judgmental environment. Learn more about F.R.E.S.H today by utilizing the Let's Chat! feature of the website,.

"The 3 C's in Life: Choices, Chances, Changes

You have to make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change"

- Unknown

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Word on the Street

Great presentation, We had fun and learned tons of information about healthy eating and how it can affect our bodies!

Highly Recommended!

Jad S.

Brilliant dietitians ! loved my cooking demo class, can't wait for the next one !

Randa K.

Certainly one of the best counseling sessions, I ever had. They make you feel comfortable , and meet you right where you are! Great job!

Jordan Q.

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