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Sharon Puello MA RD CDN CDCES

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator 

Hi there! 

My name is Sharon, and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist located right in the heart of Yonkers, NY, and serving both local and out of state clients.

With 8 years of experience working with the pediatric population, adults, and the elderly, I am able to see the unique differences needed to achieve and maintain health at each stage of life. Thinking outside the box is my specialty! If you need an unusual solution to your unusual health problem, I'm your dietitian! 


Holding a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, I understand the complexities surrounding weight.  Sessions with me focus not only on your physical health, but your emotional and psychological health as well.   A counseling session with me means no weight bias, and no need to weigh yourself if it makes you uncomfortable - we focus on YOUR goals.  I place a huge emphasis on diet quality and other measures more directly related to health and quality of life, than the particular number on the scale.

I strongly believe there is the ability to change, and the promise for success in everyone.  I vow to help you see the possibilities of where your efforts and improved health can take you!  

I love food, and sharing recipes with my clients! My passion is treating individuals with GI disorders, and identifying and correcting micronutrient deficiencies.  If you have a feeling that something just isn't right with your health, and you need someone to look at your bloodwork with a fresh set of eyes, I'm your gal!

I have a working proficiency in Spanish, and am able to offer counseling services to Spanish-speaking clients.  Locally, I'm available for nutrition coaching either virtually or in-person at Equalize Fitness and Wellness.   

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